United Eco Solutions collaborates closely with local communities in developing countries to combat climate change and poverty.

We concentrate on environmental issues, biodiversity conservation, and various solutions for environmental challenges. Our efforts are implemented in careful collaboration with the local community to ensure sustainability in each project.

All our efforts to combat climate change and poverty are traceable through GPS tracking, providing the opportunity to monitor the impact of contributions directly. Each intervention is measurable in CO2 equivalents to support our partners in reducing their carbon footprint. We utilize carbon credits and climate compensation funds to create self-sustaining activities for fighting climate change and poverty.

Introduction and structure of the Company

United Eco Solutions is a company that works closely with local communities in developing countries in joint efforts to combat climate change as well as poverty. We also work with similar activities that concern solutions for other environmental problems as well as initiatives for the conservation and protection of biological diversity. The headquarter of the company is in the city of Jönköping in Sweden, and we carry out activities in development countries together with our partners and the local communities where we work.

We are both a “project developer” as well as seller of Carbon Credits. We work directly with the local communities together with our local partner in the DRC named “Bilanga ASBL”, an NGO created in Congo in 2007. We therefore have direct contact with the activities on the ground and we also have an office in Kinshasa from where we steer the activities. We have a local office in the Mai Ndombe province as well, in the village of Duma 2, from where our local coordinator coordinates the activities.

United Eco Solutions has emerged from the founders’ extensive experience in Congo-Kinshasa, both in agricultural development and humanitarian aid.

CEO Address


I’m David Eriksson, the CEO of United Eco Solutions, “UES”. Our vision is simple yet powerful: to collaborate with local communities in developing countries to combat climate change and reduce poverty.

In my almost two decades of experience working to alleviate poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I am firmly convinced that the most effective approach is to encourage businesses from developed countries to collaborate in innovative ways with the impoverished population.

Presently offering companies the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint by rebuilding the rainforest and simultaneously creating sustainable livelihoods for those in need, feels incredibly inspiring and hopeful. Through UES’ unique carbon offset model, we take pride in offering the opportunity to buy and sell emission credits in our various development initiatives.

I eagerly look forward to the positive impact we will collectively have on the reconstruction of the crucial rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Similarly, I have great confidence in our ability to help economically vulnerable communities and provide them with a more sustainable and lasting livelihood through our program.

Thank you for joining us on the journey towards a more sustainable and just world.

Best regards, David Eriksson
CEO, United Eco Solutions AB

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