You have taken the first step in the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your organization and thus change the future of the planet – fantastic!

It is a journey to understand where larger amounts of emissions occur in an organization and how they can be reduced strategically and effectively. At United Eco Solutions, we support your organization on the inspiring journey towards reduced greenhouse gas emissions at the level and with the focus you desire.

We work with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, which provides your organization with a robust, scientifically grounded, and reliable path forward towards reduced emissions. The GHG Protocol is also known globally and will therefore be advantageous for you to follow in your communication with both customers and stakeholders.

Read about our carbon offset activities

We have started our operations in the Mai Ndombe province in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Five villages, (Duma 1, Duma 2, Bomanga, Boliano och Bokungu), have after careful consideration and thorough studies in the Mai Ndombe province been chosen as startup-sites for the activities. The operations are already under way after the signing of accords between the 5 villages and United Eco Solutions and its local partner in Congo in February 2024.

We help you with your climate calculations

In the work of reducing emissions, different types of activities are needed. Climate calculations that show emission amounts, analysis and advice in the change process towards reduced emissions, and climate strategies that show the way forward to reduced emissions.